This is me.

I’m 23.


Born in China.


Master’s student.

Master #1: Energy (At the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway)

Master #2: CEMS Master’s in International Management (Exchange semester at Copenhagen Business School)

Bachelors: Double majored in Economics and – get this – Art History (Only so I could live, eat, and study in Paris)

Homebase? I alternate between Scandinavia (where I go to school), Shanghai (where my parents live), and the US (“home”).


About the Blog

I started Searching for Deliciousness because – well – I love food. (Thanks captain obvious…)

Every time I travel somewhere new, I’m scrounging the web for tasty local restaurants. This happens – weeks, even months – beforehand. Each time it’s Tripadvisor, Yelp, Chowhound, NYTimes, Zagat. I’ve visit these sites so much I can draw their interfaces in my sleep. What’s more, I’ve actually come to memorize the top rated restaurants on these lists.

But so many times I end up being disappointed by their suggestions. Either they’re too expensive, too touristy, too busy or sometimes the reviews are so old the restaurants aren’t even there anymore. I’ve come to conclude that they simply don’t cater to what I’m searching for – friendly local joints with good food at reasonable prices. So that’s going to be the focus of this blog – affordable delicious local eats in cities around the world paired with some daily recipes and food wanderings.

Hope you enjoy the journey!


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